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This weekend is going to be a quiet one compared to last weekend. There will be no suspense, no deception and no chicken corden bleu, it’ll be pretty dull around my house.
   Last Saturday was my writing and directing debut doing a Murder Mystery. I was busy for a few months writing and working on the play and seeing it unfold was a blast, glad the audience liked it. 

 “Cashin out at the Casino” was a  hit and the cast was great to work with and full of energy and one liners. Although I have written children’s plays and one other play, the Bake Sale, this was my first murder mystery. It was more of a Murder Mystery Comedy instead of a serious drama, but comedy is my favorite thing to watch. The Buff Club Players are a great group of members that act, some even sing and all of them are dedicated enough to show up for rehearsal with me although I did have a lot of rewrites to change things.

  The Murder Mystery dinner included a meal with the cast going around the room and giving their own clues during the dinner. We had a bunch of sleuths that guessed the killer. Everyone did a great job of trying the pin the blame on the next guy, or girl!

     The Murder Mystery dinner included a five course meal with wine tasting and the play was shown at the Buff Social Club in Town of Niagara with a cast of 14. Here is a photo of the cast, with me hanging around in the middle of the front row, before the show went on…


Thanks to my terrific cast:

 Steve DiNero, Casino Mgr- Steve Cerifiko

 Jimmy the Feast-chef, Jim McKeown

Police, Eliot and Olivia-Ted Bauer and Jackie Carbone

Brandy Fine,Lounge Singer- Cindy Bootz

Sommelier Kent Catawba- Marc Touma

Asst Sommelier Sherry Chardonnay-Betty Scrivano

Photographer Nicky Cannon-Rudy Rogler

Gangster Ace Cappacino-Fred Abramaitys

Nun Sister Nun Ya Business- Mary Wilgosz

Bishop Twig- Fred “Twiggy” Wyrosdick

Black Jack Dealer, Cherry Pye- Carol Dingwall

Golden Charm Pit Boss-Lynne Hoover

Lawyer Robert Shiester- Robert Van Kuren

 Below, Poor Ace Cappacino gets blamed for everything….he didn’t even do it this time….  


  If you were a guest at the Golden Charm Casino and Supper Club I would love to hear your comments about the play.

  If you would like to do a murder mystery for your organization , as Ace Cappacino says,”We need to talk….”



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  Fall is a great time to Share the Bounty on the Niagara Wine Trail. From 10am until 6pm on Sat Nov 15th and Sunday Nov 16th enjoy a trip and stop at each winery along the Niagara Wine trail. This is an opportunity for all of us to give back for all that we have. This weekend the for wine tasting  is a non-perishable food item or $2.50/person at each winery. Food items and the proceeds collected are donated to the local food pantry.

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 Congratulations to all the Classes of Runners that participated in the New York State Meet for High School XC Runners. This was the first time I had attended a State Meet and the park was filled with excited parents and spectators as well as runners!

  All the runners are so dedicated and it was great to see them all ready to go run this exciting course. Section 6 Class C was dressed in orange  and each class wore a different color t shirt and their school color shorts. xc-2008-229

  Section 6 runners, Class C, doing some warmup at Sunken Meadow State Park in Sunken Meadows NY.



There are all the scores listed on Section 6 Website for all the Classes at the Meet. Congratulations to the Barker Boys team for second place in Class D.


Check out the new link on Section 6 for pix of XC taken by parents and family members..we are all so proud of our kids, thanks for giving us a place to share the fun…


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     Stop by the Christmas Cupboard at St. Mary’s Church on West Avenue in Gasport, New york  on the following days, November 21, 22, 23, 2008 the times listed are Friday      9:30 a.m.  –   9:00 p.m.

Saturday  9:30 a.m.  –   5:00 p.m., and Sunday    9:30 a.m.  –   4:00 p.m.
  The staff has been very busy this year working on new and exciting things to offer.  They will have handmade jewelry, wooden shelves and cabinets, beautiful wall hangings and runners for your holiday tables, an assortment of homemade jam’s, jelly’s, salsa, pickles and more. Check out the stocking stuffers, lawn ornaments, artistic paintings, tree ornaments, ceramics and holiday centerpieces.  There will also be cookies, breads, sweetrolls, candy and  popcorn. Sorry for the inconvenience but due to the telephone lines being removed they cannot accept Mastercard or Visa. The Cupboard is accepting CASH OR CHECKS only.   Stop in and either start your Christmas shopping or if your one of the lucky ones finish it up. Have a cup of coffee and a cookie and enjoy yourself. 

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One of my most treasured gifts as a kid was a cookbook from my Aunt Jeanette when I was about 10 years old. It was a Betty Crocker Kids cookbook, the children in the BC taste kitchen checked out all the recipes, gave their food quotes and there was a little sketch of each child. She wrote a little note in it to me and I picked up the habit of doing it for others when I give a book.

  I found a newer version of it for my own children but the Yellow BC Cookbook was always around on holidays when I wanted to make cupcakes or something easy enough for me to make without tearing up the kitchen.

   I was happy that the cookbook hobby was continuing when my Mother returned from CA after visiting my Aunt . She returned with my Aunts gift of an award winning recipe in Country Magazine July 2007 and I received a copy as a gift. Her Salad won as a West winner in the Magazine and you can find the recipe on their website.


  Now, thanks to my Aunt for the recipe and it’s apparent to me now  where I get my love of cookbook collecting .  I’ll add to my collection a great recipe from a published chef that is right in my own family.

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  Food shopping is becoming difficult with rising prices but purchasing just a few extra items to donate can help another family with their meals.  Canned vegetables ,meats, cereals, rice, boxed mac and cheese, canned fruits, and buy one get one free sales help when you are shopping and those BOGO are great to donate.

 Collection boxes are located at Roy-Hart Elementary School and Absolut Care of Gasport Hursing Facility 4540 Lincoln Dr in Gasport. Donations of non-perishable food items accepted through Friday November 21st.

  The donations will benefit the Gasport and Middleport Area Food Pantries.

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 I’ve started writing little notes in my cookbooks again like I did when I first started cooking. “Made for T and P for dinner” , “made for Grandma and Grandpa for Xmas”. I also used to write,” no one liked it”. Lucky for me I only had a few of those recipes and never made them again. It’s usually because I made a horrible mistake in the recipe. I’ll add notes to my pumpkin soup recipe if I finally get someone to taste it and not make a scarey face.

 Recipe notes: It was a cool and windy day but warm and toasty inside. A perfect day to try my hand at some homemade pumpkin soup(again) since the first batch didn’t turn out creamy and sweet. More like a bitter and nasty pumpkin that has been out on the porch too long and got tough.

  I put on my David Osborne piano CD, watched the nasty weather start and got everything ready, again.. and the unthinkable happened. My can opener broke. It’s that can opener again. Anyone that knows me knows I love kitchen drama, Top Chef, Dinner Impossible and even Rachel Ray running short of her 40.$ tab will peak my interest. Let’s just say, I don’t  like it in MY kitchen.

 You see, many years ago I received a lovely, strong and sturdy can opener as a gift. I cleaned it and cared for it. It was always there, no matter how many cans I forced on it. Dependable and easy going, never needed a lot of attention.

 One summer day with a can of Progresso Lentil soup in my hand I went to look for it and it was gone. It disappeared, I will always wonder was it, stolen by an jealous cook at a pot luck? Not likely. Was it lost at a picnic, kitchen remodeling or just poor judgement in garbage detail at my house. I was so upset and replaced it with one after another, finding can openers that could never quite measure up.

 Since the end of summer I have been so tired of looking for a good can opener. One that could almost replace my favorite one. Did you ever run out of coffee only to find that instead of the foil pull tab tops you needed a real can opener and your can opener just couldn’t take the job? It’s an ugly day to go without coffee and be scouring the aisles looking for yet another kitchen tool that you can depend on.

  Today, I think I found one. It’s heavy, black without chrome handles and looks like some of the tools my Dad used to use to fix things around the house. I walked by it at first because I didn’t think it was girlish enough.

  All my kitchenware is red, orange or yellow. However, it said “heavy duty can opener”  from Farberware. It looked tough, I took it home to see how much it could take of my kitchen work.

  The first thing I did was open a can of Tim Hortons coffee, it was like magic. It’s my new favorite one. Now, if I can find something that helps my soup taste better then I will be all set.

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