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LOGOS DUE – The Logo contest for the Middleport Sesquicentennial to be held in 2009 ends on October 31. All logo designs are due at the Middleport Village Hall by then. If you would like to still enter you may pick up an application at the Village Hall, Main St. For further information contact Rebecca at the hall. Try your hand at a logo for this special occasion. 



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  This good news will be in the Partyline on Wed but I wanted to share it as soon as I received it. The brick program I mentioned in my column and blog early in the spring is getting started.

The Middleport Sesquicentennial Committee is pleased to announce a major celebration we are planning to have in 2009 to celebrate our Village’s birthday!  The committee will be selling engraved, commemorative bricks to be installed in a brick “walkway” in The Commons on Park Avenue in an area near the Veterans’ monument. 

Bricks may be ordered from any member of the Sesquicentennial Committee or at the Village Hall.  The cost is $50 per brick and payment must be made at the time of the order.  Bricks are 7 inches in length and may be ordered in gray or black granite.  They may be purchased in memory of or in honor of members or former members of the U.S. military.  There will also be an area available for commemorative bricks in memory of or in honor of  private citizens.  We will begin taking orders immediately and do so until the end of February 2009 for bricks to be installed by Memorial Day 2009.  Bricks will be available for order after February 2009, but we won’t be able to guarantee they will installed for the Memorial Day dedication that is planned.  For more information, please contact the Village Hall at 735-3303 or any committee member.

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   Now you’ll be able to check in on events for the  Village of Middleport’s Sesquicentennial in 2009 on the blog. I’ve added a link for all the info I’ve written about leading up to the Celebration for 2009. 

 It’s a big birthday year in 2009.  To help celebrate, many events are being planned for the Celebration. The Village of Middleport is holding its Sesquicentennial next year (2009) and is looking for a new logo.

   Do you have an interest in Art, Color and Design? Want to help celebrate the 150 years in a unique way? This new logo will be used on banners to be placed in the village next year and will become part of the village letterhead.

 You can pick up an application for the contest at the village office on Main St., Middleport. You must be a resident of the village to enter. Deadline is October 31, 2008.

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  I like older houses, I live in one. Older homes are stately, they usually have strong foundations. Sometimes they have unusual molding in the living room and tall lovely windows. On the down side, they may have a small creepy basement or a tiny garage. Because lets face it, 150 years ago, no one had SUVs.

  The Village of Middleport’s Sesquicenntenial Planning Committee is  looking for houses and buildings that are 150 old (or older) for the celebration next year. If you have an older home, check your title search to see when it was built. All of the planning has just started but there will be some type of plaque or map available to identify the houses that can help celebrate the 150th Birthday.

   If you find your home meets the 150 mark contact Kathy at katt130@hotmail.com and give her the details.

   I hope all the Nascar Fans are ready to help celebrate Nascar Day. Did you get your pin?  Today is Nascar Day 2008 and I have my pin ready. If you purchase a pin from Home Depot for $5, the money is donated to the Nascar foundation. The Nascar Foundation helps various charities and there’s also an online auction. The Fifth Nascar Day of Caring is special because it includes an auction to win a real Nascar Race Car.

It’s the Be Care Aware Car, a Performance Show Car that has been a display and traveling around the country at various events. That is certainly a dream purchase for any Nascar Fan. Since I can’t afford the Nascar car, I’ll just buy some pins to help thank the Nascar foundation for all the good work they do in helping others. But I sure would look good in that car………

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