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Are you interested in a Caribbean Vacation? Stop by the local wineries on Jan 24th and 25th. Get ready to shake off those “winter blues” and celebrate Caribbean style. Each winery will have their own different Caribbean island theme. For  $20 purchase your ticket includes a wine tasting at each winery, a commemorative wine glass, and a chance to win a $2,000 gift certificate for your own vacation, sponsored by Liberty Travel!

Enjoy your relaxing day by visiting each participating winery during your Caribbean day and  turn in your completed ticket at the last winery to enter your chance to win the grand prize. All wineries must be visited and marked appropriately for entries to be valid to win. These are the  wineries  participating in the event:  Eveningside Vineyards, Freedom Run, Honeymoon Trail, Leonard Oakes, Marjim Manor, Niagara Landing, Schulze Vineyard & Winery, Spring Lake Winery, Vizcarra Vineyards and Warm Lake Estate.

  You can find all the local winery news on one of the websites I subscribe to Localwineevents.com You can select a city that you are interested in and get the local wine events for that particular place.

Click on and check it out, I get “the Juice for Buffalo “each week.


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New Years Planning

    I’m in the Christmas Spirit. Don’t get me wrong but Christmas is quickly approaching and all the planning that I had dreamed about is passing me by.  The list I had made for gifts and cookies I was going to bake is getting longer and longer. I’m slowly chipping away at it. I’ve found that keeping Christmas shows on while I am baking seems to lighten the load of cookie dough all over the kitchen.(I actually enjoy cooking rather than baking)

  Each January I get a new calendar, start a diet, try to learn a new computer program and make all the New Year resolutions that most of us try for.

  This year I am starting my New Years List early. I am not waiting until the day of New Years to make the list. My New Years Eve is usually the same each year, snacks with the family and later when everyone is asleep I watch “the Ref” starring Denis Leary.


  On New Years Day I make the list and I dread writing all the things that I should be doing  correctly during the year. Start a diet, that by February will be on shaky ground. That’s around the time the swimsuits come out on the racks and I’ll get pretty discouraged and go home and eat a dish of pasta. 

  This year I started the list already. I’ve changed the list to eating more vegetables, limiting fast foods , a lot more fish and no more diet sodas.  You know that coffee will remain on each and every list but I can live without the sodas that only make me more thirsty.

  Since I enjoy writing I’m going to add to the list, finish my novel which I have been working on for a few years now.

  One more thing, redo my address book. 

  Making the list now has made New Years a little less intimidating. Hope this helps me and all of us that are dreading that list each New Years day .  The lists usually include things like, go on a diet, learn to surf,etc. Just do it now and enjoy New Years day, just remember to eat more vegetables.

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A Coffee Mug’s Life

  You probably have some interesting souvenior, photo or even a plant that you have secretly named sitting on your desk.   Me? I always have a different mug. If you enjoy having  special things around you to inspire you and make you smile then I want you to buy a new mug to change your life. But don’t make it too flashy or think too much about it. For me? I am going to stop trying to have a theme to my mugs because I seem to get disappointed.

   It was my belief that you inspire yourself with your  coffee mug.  My theory was shattered. My Espresso mug cracked today.  Sure it was old,  but the cup was from a fun time in my life. As I tossed it in the trash I wondered what corner the mug story was going to take this time. Why can’t I be happy with just one mug?

  I wish I could be the type of person that only needs one mug. This person will have the same mug the whole time you know them. They get even will  retire and maybe move down south with the same mug.   You know, the worn mug with some scratched out name of a bank that has since gone under.  An old mug that someone gave them free from a politician or one that has their grandkids pix on it, when the kid is graduating from medical school.

 Why can’t I be like these folks?  They don’t waste money on coffee mugs. They probably don’t even buy coffee out alot. 

     The Tony Stewart #20 mug was retired to the home kitchen cupboard since he is starting next year with his own company Stewart-Haas racing in the 14 car. 

 Dragged out the “I Love Running” mug that really belonged to my son. I used it during XC season as a pom pom of sorts. Each sip was like a cheer at the finish line. Ok, so I use excuses to drink coffee I guess. And even though he only drinks water out of it, I  had to give it back when he found out I borrowed it.

  The espresso mug had little pictures of cartoon coffee cups on it.  Nothing special it just did its job each day.  I was trying to find that boring mug that took me though my morning joe, with the same old everyday feeling. But it cracked when I needed it to just be there, be boring and simple.

  I’ll go to the store and find a new inspiration for my mug. Or I could go to the cupboard and pull out the old corellware with the little yellow flowers on it. this way if one breaks I have 11 more to use…

  Do you have a favorite mug? Tea drinkers are welcome in on the discussion, we can all be friends here!

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   Do you enjoy taking your own photographs? There is a place where you can share your treasured great shots with photography fans.  Dennis Stierer of Lockport is a self taught award winning photographer whose career has spanned over 35 years. He is going to be the Judge of the Observations Photograph Exhibit starting in January.

   Entry forms are due January 12. All entries must be the original work of the submitting photographer. Work must not hae been previously exhibited at the Market Street Art Center. Work must have been executed within the last two years. There is no restriction on the type or style of the photography. Entry for this exhbiti is $25.oo per artisit and you may submit up to three works. The entry forms can be downloaded from the web site www.MarketStreetArtCenter.org or for more information call 478-0239. The opening reception will be Saturday February 7,2009 from 5pm to 8pm.


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Join the Middleport Community Choir as they celebrate the season with song on Sunday, December 21st at 2:00pm at the Middleport United Methodist Church.
   Under the direction of Ric Jones and accompanied by Wendy Gypson the choir will perform a few familiar favorites as well as “A Manger Suite” written and arranged by Michael W. Smith.  They will also debut a new piece commissioned by the choir in memory of beloved choir member Robert Maedl.  The piece, tited “Robert’s Song,” was written by Ric Jones and features lyrics by Karen Jones. 
    As part of their outreach program, the choir will also be entertaining residents at the Absolut Care Center in Gasport on Dec. 19th. 

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