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  The RoyHart Cross Country Team participated in the McQuaid Invitational at Genessee Valley Park on Saturday Sept 27th. RoyHart’s team did well and the runners had good weather and lots of fun.   For those of us that were spectators and XC fans we enjoyed great XC and a beautiful fall day in the park.

  Here are the results for RoyHart Boys and Girls Varsity for Small Schools taken from the McQuaid Website.

RoyHart Boys Varsity 3 Mile

#5 Vince Donner    16:16, #54 Juan Broyles 17:49, #112 Jon Beabout 18:53, #189 Matt Johnson 20:06, #194 Frankie Pfeil 20:18, #196 Dan Gagne 20:21, #197 Zach Yates 20:22.

  RoyHart Girls Varsity  3 mile

#11 Kelly Heuer   19:35

#264 Brean Rylander  25:52

 Check out the McQuaid Site if you’d like to know how your school did in the race.


   I’d also like to mention another great site that I have linked to my blog with terrific XC and Track news. It’s called Section 6 runs and features news from the XC and Track schools in WNY. Keep checking in to see how your favorite teams are doing.



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    There are many things to do in the Friendly Community. You can help out this weekend if you’re looking for a weekend project and you’ll even meet some handy, friendly volunteers.  

    The Middleport Playground Volunteer Committee will be meeting this Saturday  9/27 beginning at 9am to work on the decking. Do you have a cordless drill? Bring cordless and corded electric drills. 3/16” bits. Extension cords.  You bring the drill, they will bring the electricity.

  Thanks to the MOP committee and generous folks and the local businesses that have donated their funds and time. This Middleport playground is on the way to re-opening soon.

Tursday Oct 2nd at the Middleport Library will be the next MOP committee meeting at 6:30pm.

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            Just a reminder to the community that Middleport Community Farmers Market will be open every Friday from 4-7pm rain or shine until October 31 this year. Just look for the sign out front in the parking lot of the Middleport Family Health Center and Wilson Farm Plaza.

  Fall is on the way but we’ll still have the market until the end of October. It’s great news that even though we are starting the fall weather we can still buy fresh veggies and fruits so close to home.

  The Farmers are starting to bring a wide variety of fall favorites including winter squash, pumpkins, gourds, broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes, onions and carrots. It’s also fall fruit time with Grapes, pears and apples .

  The market still has many  summer favorites to sell,peaches, plumbs, and melon as well as sweet corn, beans, tomatoes and peppers.

  This market also has goat milk products, organic honey products and fresh baked cookies, pies and bread each week!

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   I ordered a pizza the other night from a place in Gasport called the Chops Shop.  It is right on Rt 31 in the same plaza at Dollar General.

    When I called the polite pizza clerk asked if I wanted regular sauce or a sweet sauce. We had ordered a yummy white pizza from this place awhile back, before I had the blog to write about local foods, wines and events. There are tough decisions when ordering a pizza, but I knew I wanted that garlic crust!!

 Since I’m always willing to try a new food I said, sweet sauce please. The sauce had a sweet taste but not so much that the pizza tasted like a dessert. It was still a tomato taste without a lot of acid to overpower the sauce. They basted it with light garlic and it was browned and lightly crunchy on the crust , just the way I like it.

 The pizza was excellent and after waiting a bit for it to come out of the oven(they were really busy) I was anxious to check it out. It smelled pretty good in there waiting for the white box to arrive on the counter. And it was so hot that it steamed up the car windows, so I suspected it would be good.              

   Oh, there is one more thing to brag about. At Chops Shop, when they cut the tray up in pieces, they were all cut nicely with no huge hunks of cheese hanging off. We don’t get pizzas too often but there’s nothing worse than looking forward to a nice pizza and they cut it too hot and it looks like cheese soup on the top. This pizza turned out cut even and and organized.

   Their menu says they serve pizza, wings, sub, etc. Fish Fry’s and they have cold and hot subs, salads and lunch specials. For pizza tasters like us, it’s nice to know that Gasport has a nice pizza business, right on the way into town.

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  I’ve been reading how important berries are in the healthy eating plan that we should be following. My favorite berries are strawberries but I do know that I must learn to branch out to other berries because they’re good for you.

  Each week I receive an email about my real age and how I can lower it.  You see I took a quiz awhile ago and put in my age, then answered ? about my health, family life questions like, do I have a pet?Yes

Do I smoke? No

Do I drink wine occasionally? Well, I do write about it in the column and blogs so I am forced to answer yes.

   There were questions about many things and it determined my REAL AGE. Once it was processed you get to see your Real Age, and then ways you can lower your age. Not a bad way to find out things you can improve on in your life. You can follow the link below to take the test. 


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         This Fall is a great time to make new friends! The  Office for Aging is opening a nutritional site in Middleport Sept. 15. It will be held at the Scout House on Route 31 next to Holy Cross church. You can come by and have lunch on Monday and Tuesday from 10 am till 1 pm. The Menu is as follows for the first two days: Monday;  roast beef open face sandwich, mashed potatoes,peas, white bread, pears/prunes and beverage, skim milk, 1%milk, tea, coffee.

  Tuesday: Chicken drum sticks,  yellow rice with red peppers, green/wax beans,  Lemon whip dessert and  Beverage.
      Cost is $2.50 age 60 and over. $3.50 under the age of 60. Transportation will be available as needed and the site supervisor will be Bonnie Tilyou, her number is 434-7206 for reservations and any questions you may have.

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  With the Chevy Rock and Roll 400 in Richmond VA going on today I stuck close to home. Jimmie Johnson won , congrats to him but I have to say , it was exciting but those last few laps were hard to watch.

  In fact, one lap I watched peeking through my hands across my eyes. Tony Stewart came in 2nd in the Home Depot car and he still did well. Even though it was no Rock and Roll Party at my house , 2nd place is nothing to be disappointed about. Smoke is still my favorite driver, 20, 14 or whatever he is.

   During the race there was a commercial where Tony Stewart was giving up the wheel to Joey Logano but only after Joey learned some home improvements. It was a cute commerical, although it was strange to see two drivers in a Home Depot commerical. But Joey seemed to fit right in.

My son asked me how old Joey Logano was and I told him, eighteen and he just started driving Sprint cars this year.  He was surprised how young he was.

 Yes, we all have to give up the reins sometime I suppose. And next year the 20 car will move on with a new driver and new possibilities.

  We left the house to pick up a pizza and I asked permit holder son, “would you like to drive today? “He said” no, not today.”

    Ok, maybe we’ll do some home improvements first.

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