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  Ok, I have to confess something here in the blog. I really like Coca Cola better than Pepsi. However, I will be watching the Pepsi 500 Sprint Cup at 7pm tonight to see who’s going to win. Oh, and I’ll probably be drinking coffee through the whole thing because even in the August heat I just love my cup of Joe.

  Jimmie Johnson is in the pole position for this race and he has won this particular race two times if my research is correct. We’ll all have to watch and see what happens at the Auto Club Speedway.

   Pepsi vs. Coca Cola drinks aren’t the only things Nascar Fans discuss. A funny thing happened to me, another Nascar fan saw my Tony Stewart coffee mug and seemed suprised. He said he never would have taken me for a Stewart fan, I was more like a Jimmie Johnson fan. I wonder what that means? I do drive an Impala, was that the connection? Whatever the case, good luck to Jimmie, Tony and all the drivers tonight.

  Tonight, I’ll be watching. And sorry , I hate to play favorites but I’m wearing my Stewart shirt.


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  My son’s Junior year has officially started. No, not the new jeans, notebooks, socks, etc. It’s the special white and purple calendar that arrives each year for school.  Good, now my Fall can officially start. Watching great Cross Country meets, Open Houses to meet the Teachers and ordering Yearbook Pictures. 

  I’d love for the calendar to be mailed earlier but I wait in anticipation and it usually arrives at the last minute.  I’m just grateful it’s here so I can start all the planning for the year.

   The calendar helps families keep organized and the students know how to plan ahead. Mine hangs on the office wall. This District calendar has phone numbers, bus information, nurse information, sports dates, concerts, days off.

  Actually, my daughter is in college but I still keep all the college  information on the RH Calendar listing her days off, etc. Some may call me a helicopter Mom, well that’s fine with me. Maybe if she calls and wants to know what day she can come home I want to be able to say, “oh yeah, you are off that day. I’ll pick you up.” 

  Roy-Hart starts with a half day AM of school from K-12 on September 2nd.

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            The most important meal of the day starts in Middleport, on Saturday morning. Stop by the ALL YOU CAN EAT FARMER’S BREAKFAST that’s  Sponsored by BSA TROOP 23. It begins at 7am until 11am on 
Saturday, August 30, 2008  at the Middleport Masonic Hall on Main St. in Middleport.  Price:  11 years old and up  $5.00 and 10 years old and under    $2.50

    Your Breakfast will include: Pancakes, Scrambled Eggs,
Home Fries, Sausage, Juice, Coffee, Milk

   Start your day with a great meal for two good causes, all proceeds to benefit Muscular Dystrophy Association and Challenger Sports League

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Get your pencils ready for the Silent auction sponsored by the Friends of the Middleport Free Library.  The local library has received numerous donations from area businesses and individuals for this yearly fundraising event.

  The Auction starts at 10am until 3pm on Saturday, August 30th at St. Stephen’s Parish Hall on S. Vernon St.   You will be given a number when you register and use your assigned number to bid on   more than 75 itemsup for bid.

  According to Mrs. Christa Lutz of the Library.” There are numerous baskets, a beautiful furniture piece from Maedl Woodcrafts,  handcrafted afghan and nursery quilt, silk floral arrangements, fully   loaded school back pack,  a weed eater as well as numerous gift   certificates from area businesses.  I am always amazed at the   generosity that everyone shows our little library and every year the   number of items just seems to grow.  ” Mrs. Lutz had a customer last year that was a visitor to our community and  mentioned this was  better than any mall and she managed to do all her holiday shopping in  one stop.  

   Bidding will end promptly at 3PM, at which time doors are closed and the volunteers log in the winning bids.  Doors will reopen, it usually only takes about 15 minutes, at which time people may pick up their winning items 
after paying with cash or a good check at the check out counter. 
   Stop by and look at the many delightful and all the proceeds help our library with much needed items such as the summer   reading program or additions to the video or book inventory.
  Last year I bid on a print of Middleport and also a wine basket from a local winery. It’s exciting to stroll through the tables and decide what you are going to bid.
    It’s a silent auction, shhhhh…..so remember, use your inside voice…..No matter how excited you get, no yelling, HEY, WHAT ARE YOU BIDDING ON THE JANET EVANOVICH BOOKS?”

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            Thanks to Julie Chatterbox for inviting my mother Betty Scrivano of Niagara Falls, Steve Giroux of Middleport along with me, the Cooking and Cookbook fan to put our taste buds to the test. We all attended the Village of Barker’s Centennial Event “Summer Splendor” last Saturday .

   We were the Top Chef Judges and we made it our business to try all the tasty pickles, jams, jellies, pies and quick breads for the Barker Centennial Food Judging Contest this weekend in Barker. It wasn’t easy, there were so many items and you could tell the cooks and bakers put their hearts into their foods. 

  All the items were good, I had never had summer squash marmalade before. It was a bright yellow, with little pieces of the rind in it, so pretty to look at. It was sweet and had texture like jam but it was squash, it was one of our winners.

  We tasted pies, quick breads, pickles and pickled items. From traditional to unusual, it was a fun day and the three of us worked well together.

  There was a green tomato pie and zucchini relish in the mix. So I’m seeing zucchini and summer squash in a whole new light. Yes, there are many things to do with the items in your garden. 

   I don’t can my veggies, but, my neighbor gave me some tomatoes yesterday. So  instead of the usual tomato salad,  I need a little variety now that I have seen all the great things that come out of the garden. I can make a pretty good cold tomato soup ….

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   Julie, of Chatterbox fame, passed along something she said was right up my alley. She knew when she saw it to pass it along to me, the Gone with the Wind fan, book and doll collector and someone who has watched the movie so many times I know many of the lines .

   Yes, I actually have a script from the movie. I know it’s kind of sad but I am a great fan of the lovely Scarlett. Maybe not a fan of those dresses being pulled so tight. Ouch…

 Scarlett’s Southern Barbecue Spectacular! Meet up with Rhett, Scarlett, Melanie, Mammy, Ashley, and all the characters of Gone With the Wind on Friday August 29th. I originally wrote the event was at the Lockport Palace Theatre but it’s being held at the Riviera  Theatre  67 Webster St.in North Tonawanda. Sorry for the mix up, the Riviera is a great place to see the Southern drama unfold and it all starts on Friday night. The dinner is at 5pm and the movie at 7pm.

  The advance ticket price is $19.99 (at the door $25.00) There is All You can eat BBQ Chicken, Pulled Pork and Fixins. Ice Cream and Lemon Sorbet.


   The BBQ that opens Gone with the Wind is more than just pulled pork, dancing and cigars. The link above is the first scene when Scarlett meets Rhett. It sets the tone for a long and rocky relationship. 

  Make yourself comfortable at the movie since it’s almost 4 hours long. History buffs and romantic movie fans will enjoy it.


  Here’s a little more of Rhett and Scarlett set to music. Enjoy.

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  Looking for some Harlequin romance novels? How about some non-fiction books about cooking, home improvement or even an exercise video to get you up and off the couch?  The Used Book Sale is a favorite place for me to wander. Spending some time looking for cookbooks and chatting with other fans of the printed word is a form of relaxation for me, oh, and saving some money is fun.

  Why not stop by the Middleport Free Library the Weekend of Labor Day? The Used Book Sale begins on Friday August 29th from 1pm to 4pm you can begin browsing the library with books galore! Hardcovers are $1.00 each, paperbacks are 25 cents each and childrens books are 25 cents each.

  On Saturday the sale is from 9am to 3pm with a bag sale all day. The bag sale is $2.00 for a bag of books.


  This is the link to the Middleport Free Library, you’ll enjoy saving money along with learning a new skill, reading a best seller or just hanging around with all the book lovers in the stacks… Please support our local library.

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