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      How about enjoying some jazz along with that cup of Joe at the local cafe in Middleport?  Alternative Grounds Cafe  on Main St in Middleport is starting open mic music on Fridays in August. There  will be music  by various artists from the area. From 7-9pm on August 9th you’ll see Norm Tibbils Smooth Jaz . Then from 7-9pm on August 15th you can listen to Sydney Anderson and Kyle Ohlson. These young people are both talented recent graduates from Roy-Hart.  What a great way to end your week,  relaxing sound and good coffee. 

  My daughter and I visited last week so I could try a new flavor, it was called Jamaica me crazy and it was delicious.  They have a lovely dessert case and the yummy canoli was calling to me. OK, maybe I was imagining it, but the coffee is called Jamaica me crazy….


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  Thanks for all the happy birthday wishes yesterday. As each July 29th rolls around it’s always a day to spend in the house or a secure structure trying to stay dry. Yesterday I got ready for work, got my coffee, my lunch and an umbrella. Wait, I better bring the big umbrella. It’s probably going to pour. And then, no rain.

  Actually, I’m not just talking about regular rain. There’s usually a good storm or some dark clouds during the day. As a kid it was no fun but over the years I started looking at it like a special storm, in my honor. I always try to be optimistic about everything, even nasty weather.

  This year Mother Nature is making me unsure of what happened to my summer storm. And last year the same thing happened. The weather was bright and sunny all day.  So even though I have childhood memories of camping  in the rain in July. All the time complaining that on my birthday it always rains, times are changing.

   My kids are tired of listening about my birthday storms, “I know Mom, I know, you were born during a bad storm. We know.”  The weather channel had said there may be a storm around midnight but nothing happened.  Mother Nature, I love you. But you’re making me look bad.

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What? no coffee?

     Coffee is one of my favorite things, so I thought this was a good time to let readers know that one of our local coffee places may be closing in the next six months or so. Coffee drinkers, it doesn’t matter if you like  one sugar or two, more creamer, no creamer, or iced coffee, most people enjoy a their coffee cup each morning. And it’s great to find a local hang out to share the love of coffee with others.

   The Lockport US and J has an article today about the local Starbucks in Lockport closing. The article refered to economic hardships for the company that owns Starbucks. There are about 600 stores that are closing. The article written by Joe Olenick also listed 2 other stores on the closing list, one in Cheektowaga and one in East Aurora.

  There are some local community members that are starting petitions to try and keep the South Tranist Store open. If you would like to get more information, please go to www.saveourstarbucks.com

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          This will be in the paper on Wednesday of this week. Lockport’s Palace Theatre starts a summer lineup this week of great movies and you could win two tickets to see one of them. Read the Partyline each week for a new trivia question. If you know the answer, check in Lynnemarie’s Everyday Connection for the secret word of the week. Contact me with the answer and the secret word, and your name will be put in a hat with other correct guesses. Contact me by e-mail or phone below by Friday night, the deadline is 11pm. The winner will be drawn on Saturday.

           The upcoming movies are: “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,” “Wall-E,” “Kung-Fu Panda,” “Sex in the City,” “Space Chimps,” “Mama Mia” and “batman, Dark Knight.” Indiana Jones plays tonight at 7:30 p.m., tomorrow at 1 and 7:30 p.m., Thursday at 7:30 p.m. and Saturday at 9:30 p.m. Wall-E plays at 7 p.m. Saturday, 4 and 7 p.m. Sunday, 7:30 p.m. on August  5, 6 and 7, with a 1 p.m. show on August 6. All seats are $5.

  My question will be in Wednesdays Towpath Partyline in the Lockport US and J and Medina Journal..

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  I’ve talked to a few friends who are buying more eggs than ever before because it is a high quality protein at a lesser cost for their diets. I’m thrilled because I love eggs. We’ve been trading recipes. My Mother used to cook peppers, eggs, onions and potatoes for our family and it was a great treat. Now I do the same although I try to include more whites just to cut down the cholesterol.

  I know, I know, we’re constantly frightened by articles listing eggs as bad for people with high cholesterol, but if you really enjoy eggs they are hard to give up. Why not try using more whites and less yolk? Eggs are my favorite thing to cook in the morning..   My little Pekingese Pepper loves to hear the egg shell crack and the smell of the eggs cooking. She will wait patiently until the egg cools for her special dish.

  Recipes with eggs often call for butter but I use Olive Oil when I make my omelets. My omelets often were stiff when I cooked them until I discovered I wasn’t fluffing the eggs up enough. Now I use a whisk to mix them instead of a fork. 

  There is a scene from the movie  the Big Night where Stanley Tucci makes an omlet for his waiter Marc Anthony, his chef brother Tony Shaloub and himself. I was thrilled to see him using the olive oil and noticed he whipped those eggs around quite a bit. I am sharing the link here, although it is only part of the movie, but it’s a foodie movie for those of us that love to cook.  


 If you ever get to see the movie its a wonderful Indie film that shows the passion these two Italian Brothers have for food. And it’s a wonderful way to end the film, with a lovely omlet. Bring back the Eggs!

  If readers have some special egg cooking tips or a simple recipe to share..this is the place to leave your comments…

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     Walk with the Lost Boys of Sudan fundraiser for the Pickle Jar Project.  During a Young Christians at Work program a group of youth began saving money in pickle jars in 2007 . They began learning about outreach and global solidarity by one of the Lost Boys of Sudan who spoke at their meeting. 

    Now this group of young people has planned  a fundraiser Walk for 2 miles along the Erie Canal on Saturday July 26th at 10am rain or shine.  The registration is from 9am to Noon and the event is from 10a,- 3pm. Stop by and join in the walk , held at Wide Waters Park, 767 East Market St in Lockport. People of all ages are welcome to walk and enjoy the day. Food and drinks will be available.Youth of the Diocese are working to reach a goal of $35.000 by the end of 2008. They have been holding various events and collecting funds to raise money to finance the wing of a medical clinic. This clinic wing will be built in Southern Sundan through Reach Out to Africa or ROTA . The wing will be dedicated to the late Father Gary Bagley and Sister Karen Klimczak SJ. Interested walkers can visit the website  http://www.thepicklejarproject.org/   for a registration form and more information. 

   A $10 minimum fee to participate is due at the time of the walk. You can donate your $10 or collect pledges. Come and join in to walk rain or shine and help raise funds for the wing of the clinic .

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   Now you’ll be able to check in on events for the  Village of Middleport’s Sesquicentennial in 2009 on the blog. I’ve added a link for all the info I’ve written about leading up to the Celebration for 2009. 

 It’s a big birthday year in 2009.  To help celebrate, many events are being planned for the Celebration. The Village of Middleport is holding its Sesquicentennial next year (2009) and is looking for a new logo.

   Do you have an interest in Art, Color and Design? Want to help celebrate the 150 years in a unique way? This new logo will be used on banners to be placed in the village next year and will become part of the village letterhead.

 You can pick up an application for the contest at the village office on Main St., Middleport. You must be a resident of the village to enter. Deadline is October 31, 2008.

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