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  For those of us over 21 wine tasting is a great way to learn about what types of wine you enjoy.  So enjoy the wine information on Lynnemarie’s Everyday Connection and remember don’t drink and drive.  

  My book review for the Sunday Lifestyle was in Sundays Paper on June 29th. For those readers that didn’t get to see it I’m posting it here on the blog. Gary ends his show with a question of the day and usually a little bit ,”We’re changing the wine world, whether they like it or not.” I like what he’s is doing with the wine world.

         We “Vayniacs” (fans of Gary Vaynerchuk) have been waiting for his book “101 Wines Guaranteed to Inspire Delight and Bring Thunder to Your World.” I’ve been a member of the group of people all over the world watching Wine Library TV on the internet daily, with Gary Vaynerchuk giving us his take on whatever special wine  pops up on his table. The Russian-born wine-lover is the Director of Operations at the Wine Library located in Springfield NJ. I found Gary one day on the internet while looking for information about Red Wines. I was intrigued by his high energy and his wild, funny and dramatic descriptions of the wine. He talks about the price range and even the style of the bottles. Vaynerchuk loves wine and teaching you about it. He doesn’t believe that more expensive is better and I feel I’m always learning something.
    He gives his tips for tasting wine, which is basically what he wants you to do. He offers descriptions that are simple to follow, and my favorite quote is his first rule of wine, “Drink wine with people you care about.”  I’ve shared my Gary viewing with friends who enjoy watching him daily. When shopping or selecting wines for a party I never fail to point out something that Gary has tasted on his show. However, Gary wants you to taste the wines for yourself, and wrote his book containing the 101 wines that he is most excited about.
  Chapters such as “A River Runs Through It” discuss Sollner Danubio Gruner Veltiner 2006  ($13) made with the Gruner Veltliner grape from Austria. Some wines in the book are reasonably priced and some are a bigger cost. He tasted tens of thousands of wines for the book and has shared his favorite 101 with us. The back section has categories like “Best to Stick in the Cellar,” “Best to Blow your Economic Stimulus Check on” and “Most Affordable Whites.” He also has a list for “Best to Watch the Jets Opener.” Vaynerchuk is known for his love of the New York Jets and uses a Jets bucket to do his tastings on Wine Library TV. The book is informational
and entertaining Each wine has its own description with a small section
called “Meet the Grape”. I give it an A although if you’re looking for New York Wines you won’t find any in the book but the wines are from all over the world.  It’s an informational book and a great way for new wine drinkers and real wine fans to share.
  Gary has appeared on television with Conan O’Brian, on the Ellen Show and recently on The Mad Money Show. He’s fun to watch and learn from. I still think the best way to see him is in his office at the Wine Library in New Jersey..  For more information on Vaynerchuck and a peek at his lively show, go to http://tv.winelibrary.com The book has 230 pages and is published by Rodale Inc. Price is



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  Today was a day for looking for the perfect wreath for Mom’s kitchen.  We never did find it. My Mother Betty and I traveled Main St in Lockport looking at all the crafts, jewelry, Jellies and foods for sale. I knew summer really had started when we saw the Barge Canal Optimist Pink Snow Cone Trailer. Although the heat was about 80 or so , everyone was cool and friendly. It was a perfect day to stroll the little temporary tent shops set up along the sides of the street. The show goes on Tomorrow Sunday from 11am to 5pm on Main St in Lkpt.

  All the Jewelry were my favorite tents to stop at, although I am trying to stay on my budget. However, I was impressed with how I did so well. After all, not being a mall shopper, all these events give me a lot of things to look at in one place .   This was better than a mall since there was sun, smells of Italian Sausage and some cute wooden plaques with funny sayings on them. Yes, no mall, without the bright lights and perfume ladies chasing me down to spray me with something that is out of my price range. 

 Yes, that’s me, a girl that doesn’t like to shop. Well now, wait a minute- I like to shop for groceries,  books, gifts for my kids , kitchen stuff, cookbooks, sneakers and really nice dresses. Forget everything else. My family has tried to get me into shopping, like the Galleria trips for Christmas. My daughter and Mother always help pick out outfits for me since I have no sense of style. I usually buy what is on the mannequin, you can never go wrong with that. Put it this way, most of the clothing I have has been seen on “What Not to Wear” in one season or another.

 I offer to park the car, drive everyone, carry bags, answer cell phones, go get different colors, find salespeople and even take those silly surveys in the middle of the mall.  But this day of shopping was kind of fun, so outdoor shopping is my kind of thing.

 Then I came home, saw the last 39 laps of the Saturday race. Tony Stewart won today in the 20 Old Spice Car. It was a good day. 

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   Yes, we’re talking about the reading bug.  This week my newspaper column featured the listing of the events for the summer reading program and I would like to include here on the blog. These are great events for the whole family to attend . With all the exciting new concert events in our area it’s fun to see that the music has found it’s way down the Canal to Middleport. Middleport Free Library Family Summer Program 2008 will begin on Thursdays starting on July 10th. The program is called “Catch the Reading Bug…” The first group will start for 2, 3, and 4 year olds at 10:30am. Special guest storytellers will be at the library for the little ones.

   Each Thursday from 2-3pm there will be events in the park, or it is sometimes know as the Commons. These musis and story programs are not just for the kids in the family. The entire family is welcome, bring a lawn chair. No charge for these programs. July 10th start off with “Visit Africa” with African American Dance and Drum Co. of Buffalo. With costumes and dance the Middleport Common area will be filled with storytellers and music.

  July 17th Travel to Ireland at 2pm with the Dady Bros and 6pm McMahon Irish Dancers. On July 24 there will be Caribbean Fun with the Trinidad & Tobago Streel Band from the Rochester area.

   July 31st Asian cut paper art with Marybeth Dolan. Each student will be given sissors and paper to make paper art. On August 7th there will be Native American Niagara River Dancers with full costumes.

  August 14th will be Tales from many Cultures with Lorna Czarnota. The last day will also be a play by the Middleport Free Library Drama Club. It’s called “Big Bad” and is directed by Lindsey Oliver a former Roy-Hart graduate. Oliver is directing the kids direct the kids for the special event featuring the wolf on trial, little red riding hood, Miss Muffet and all the characters will be on stage, don’t miss it. It’ll be at the end of the program at 3:30 on the 14th of August. Families are welcome to the Discover Our World Program. The program was made possible by funds form the Arts Niagara Decentralization Program, a regrant program of the NY State Council of the Arts, admistered by the Tonawandas’ Council on the Arts Carnegie Art Center. For more information about the library or to register call 735-3281


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  Last Sunday my family and I enjoyed a wonderful Graduation dinner at Suzannes in Wheatfield. It was a party for my cousins and the parents had two lovely cakes.

  My little cousin asked his Mom if he could use the camera to take a picture of the cake. She probably wondered why he wanted a picture of the cake instead of perhaps, his brother or family members. I knew what he was thinking. I said ,”let him do it, I do it all the time.”  

  Well, I am a big fan of taking pictures of my favorite dishes. So I showed him my camera phone, I have a picture of a cake my daughter made me for Mothers Day. My son also wanted me to try and duplicate a lovely brussetta from Carmella’s Kitchen in Olcott-so we took a picture. This particular dish had bacon on it and was different than anything I had before. Besides having just a little too much cheese, it was good.

 Maybe I entertained him a bit but I think my little cousin will be a chef someday, he seems interested in food.  I didn’t show him the picture of the roasted chicken in the plastic tub, that is a whole different story. We can save that for another post.


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The above link is from the ESPN Site..This is a great article about wine and nascar teams. Some of the drivers and owners are producing their own wines and learning more about how they are developed. I was thrilled to see it- because I know I’m not the only Nascar, wine tasting and cooking fan out there. 

 The photo shows Jeff Gordon sipping out of a large trophy of wine. Gordon isn’t the driver I cheer each week, Tony Stewart is. However, that doesn’t mean I won’t try Gordon’s wine.  Nascar racing and wine, it’s fun to bring them together.

  And if some racers and owners are bottling their own wines they’re  reaching out to many of the crowd . At the events, you can have a glass of wine and maybe you can chat with other race fans about drivers and their wines. It gives an opportunity for new wine drinkers will learn how to pick their favorites paired with food.

  I will try some of the Nascar drivers and owners wines, it’ll be fun to see which ones I enjoy the most. Points?  Really, I don’t bother with wine points. Just for myself, I research and taste what I like. Points are good as a guide but I never use the 5 movie star point system either. Sometimes the movies that are most enjoyable are 2 or 3 stars. 

  During Sunday’s race I had a glass of Mighty Niagara, from Honeymoon Trail in Cambria with my meal. www.honeymoontrailwinery.com   A white wine, it’s one of the best wines I’ve had from this winery. It was chilled so it was especially sweet and great with pizza.  It was a good day and I watched the race.

 I think when I check out the starting listand check the drivers points  I just may check out who is selling Jeff Gordon’s wine.


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I am always looking on the net for the latest Nascar news. Fox News had a spokesperson for Nascar on the television who said the TV viewership has increased for the events. Some people have cut down on the driving to the events due to gas prices. 

  I’ve never been to a Nascar race, live in person. But I’m proud to be one of the viewers that has increased the tv ratings. And if my favorite driver Tony Stewart is being interviewed then I don’t even flip during commercials. I sit through all the Vitamin Water ads with Carl Edwards and Lowes with Jimmy Johnson because I know that if I wait long enough Smoke  will be on again. I’m patient.

  So for all of the fans like me that watch Nascar from their kitchen, while making Sunday dinners, I’m with you.

 If you’re the only member of your family that watches the race and you even watch the cut out car and like to see what the inside of the race car looks like, I understand you.

 For those of us that don’t have enough gas to get there,  time off from work or the latest driver t shirt, I feel your pain.

  I may not get to a Nascar race anytime soon but I do have Ransomville Speedway not too far from home. And I won’t have to watch alone and chopping veggies.


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      The Royalton 4th of July Celebration is starting up again .  Each year area residents have been enjoying the event that lines the road with families walking with chairs and blankets to enjoy the festivities and even a Strongman contest.

    Since the event planning is underway and the Celebration is almost here it’s time to get your tickets for the Chicken BBQ. The Royalton July 4th Celebration and Parade is a family event that is held at the Royalton Ravine each year, along with a Parade.

   Start getting your BBQ Chicken dinner tickets pre-sale from Local Gasport businesses and Drummies in Middleport. The cost is 7.50 pre-sale and 8.00 the day of the event. Along with the fact that you won’t have to worry about cooking dinner that night, an added benefit of presale is the parking is free with pre-sale tickets. This year there is a small parking fee.

  You can also pay $1 and ride the shuttle from Gasport Fire Hall on State St in Gasport. Parking is limited so this is a good deal.

  The Chicken BBQ starts at 2pm at the Ravine. Then at 5pm there’s more fun with with Kids games, craft tent, petting zoo and a bounce house. The kids bracelets can be purchased beginning at $5.00
  Parade line up starts at St Marys Church and the parade goes to the Ravine. The parade starts at 4pm sharp and then bands follow at the BBQ at around 5:30pm, the bands will be Last Call followed by Red House.
   A great way to celebrate the 4th of July in the Royalton area!  I have my red white and blue outfit all ready for the day. And a new pair of flashy red sneakers to add to the celebration.

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